Thursday, January 25, 2007

Here goes...

It seems that everything I enjoy and look forward to is somehow related to food. Sunday, the worst weekend day for so many people is actually my favorite. I love waking up to find a thick newspaper stuffed with coupons and grocery advertisements waiting for me.

Deciding what to make is always difficult and never final. After flipping through cookbooks and browsing several of my favorite websites I write out a list of dishes and ingredients to take with me to the store for reference. However, no matter how exact and precise I am, I wind up coming home with bags of groceries and produce that I’ve never cooked with, and no game plan whatsoever. I just can’t ignore the bumpy, irregular shaped veggies that get no love.

My inspiration for this site came Wednesday with the “Food” section of the Boston Globe. They ran an article on food blogging and suggested several sites. Being that I’m pretty caught up on my celebrity gossip I ignored for the day and went with the Globes suggestions. While not all of them kept me entertained there were two that truly inspired. and Both of these women are photographic geniuses and poetic writers. I wanted to be like that. I want to be that good.

Currently I am a senior at Northeastern University and soon I’ll have a degree in Journalism. The “real world” is creeping up a bit too quickly and I have no idea what “I want to be.” Actually that’s not true; I do know what my dream job is. I want to be a culinary journalist. I want to review restaurants and critique recipes. I want to take beautiful photographs of apple tartlets and caramel lattes…… unfortunately, I’m a realist. I know that saying, “I want to be a culinary journalist,” is just about equivalent to “I’m going to be a singer, actor, model, artist,” No, no you’re not. It’s one of those things that everyone WANTS to do, but even for those with brilliant palates, impressive degrees, and cooking experience- it’s unlikely that you’ll be one in the handful that succeeds.

I see this blog as my chance to experiment with writing and photography. Hopefully I’ll improve and develop a style. Hopefully it’ll direct me to a future career or at least cross off one of my options. Here goes!

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