Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Following the leaders, chocolate chip scones

I read food blogs A LOT. In fact, I pencil in an hour every weekday to check all my favorites for updates and to scroll through new finds that I inevitably come across. Through browsing I saw that Scones were pretty popular amongst bloggers. I don’t necessarily love scones and I’d usually pick a muffin or bagel over one if given the choice, but I thought that I had to make them at least once and what better time then now when I had such an array of recipes and suggestions at my fingertips. Originally I planned on making the apricot scones that I saw on "Pinch My Salt." However, when I was cutting up the dried fruit, Alex came over and made a horrible face. Apparently he does not like apricots one bit. Rather then having a pile of scones sit in the apartment that only I would eat, I decided to forgo the apricots and make chocolate chip scones instead. Alex has no qualms with chocolate or these scones.

I found Nicoles recipe to be perfeclty easy and delicious. I just substituted the apricots for chocolate chips, I'm sure any filling would be delicious!!

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