Thursday, February 8, 2007

The Man of my Kitchen

I was treated like a queen last weekend. After our visit to Russo’s (which I still have every intention of writing about but need to set aside enough time to sufficiently give it justice) Alex not only offered but insisted on making dinner with no assistance “from the peanut gallery”!!!!

He had been raving about a stir fried spinach and garlic that he made for his sister and I wanted to try it. This suggestion seemed to suffice his desire for menu direction and the sirloin at Russo’s gave him another push. He decided on scallops, steak, and spinach- a bit of a twist on the traditional surf and turf but one that I happily embrace. I’ve written before about my “take it or leave it” attitude towards lobster.

I don’t love steak; in fact I hardly even like it unless slathered in a gorgonzola or blue cheese sauce. If I do eat steak it’s usually when I’m visiting my parents and it’s ALWAYS done on a charcoal grill.

Since we have an apartment in Boston there is no option of charcoal grilling, in fact I believe it’s illegal. Therefore, I never make red meats since I know I can’t make them “the right way.” Without a grill, what’s a steak?

Alex isn’t quite so pessimistic and as it turns out he has every reason not to be. The sirloin he prepared exceeded any sort of expectation I may have had. It was juicy and peppery and the Montreal seasoning made it taste like home. Surprisingly it was not the broiler he used but a frying pan. I would never have chosen that route when faced with a challenging ingredient such as sirloin. However, his decision was right and his steak was perfect.

Ginger-Lime-Soy Sauce; the scallop marinade may sound questionable, but I assure you- all the flavors work beautifully. I think he is more of a foodie then he admits to me. I don’t know where he came up with the idea but what I do know is that we’ll be making it again and I suggest you give it a go as well:

Ginger, Lime & Soy Scallops:

1/3 cup lime juice
Zest from 2 limes
¼ cup soy sauce
1 tsp. garlic powder
2 tbsp. freshly grated ginger
Pepper & salt
8 jumbo / 12 regular sized scallops

1.) Place scallops in Zip-log bag
2.) Mix remaining ingredients
3.) Pour marinade over scallops and distribute evenly
4.) Refrigerate for at least one hour
5.) Saute scallops with marinade until browned on both sides.
6.) Serve (to your giddy girlfriend who sits waiting with her feet propped happily on the coffee table!)

After this triumphant royal therapy I have begun to question my role in the kitchen as well as my boyfriend’s true calling. Is it possible that he is a foodie like me? Maybe he flips through cookbooks and is enthralled by food blogs. Maybe when I’m away he browses through magazine clippings, mixing the ingredients and interpreting the suggestions. I don’t know how else to explain his expertise in the kitchen as I know he did not cook much growing up. (Why would he when his mother makes the meanest sauce dishes I’ve ever had?) I also know he doesn’t cook much now since I have our menu’s planned six months in advance. (But all that’s about to change.)

I guess it doesn’t matter how he learned. Either way, I am grateful of his talent and proud to have him be the man in my kitchen. I eagerly await his next urge to queen-ify me!

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